How the Oklahoma Heat Can Affect Your Roof

Jul 29, 2021Blog

Has your roof been affected by the summer heat? Here are some noticeable signs that it is time for a roofing inspection!

summer heat on roof



1. Cracked and Warped Shingles

One of the most noticeable signs is cracking and warping shingles. If your roof does

not get a lot of shade in the Oklahoma heat, the roofing materials on your home can

only take so much heat and are bound to warp, crack, and create gaps.

2. Thermal Shock

Have you ever heard of thermal shock? This is what occurs when we have 95-degree

weather while the sun is up and then it cools off quickly when the sun goes down.

Due to this, your roofing materials are constantly expanding and contracting during

the summer months. This will naturally weaken the integrity of your roof and could

result in your roof warping and/or splitting.

3. Summer Thunderstorms

Summer thunderstorms come with rain, hail, and intense winds. These elements can

all cause some sort of damage to your roof. Tiles can become loose, missing, or

damaged shingles and dents are all results of damage that can occur during and

after thunderstorms.

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