Spring Preparation: What to Do if a Storm Damages Your Oklahoma City Roof

Mar 20, 2023Blog, Oklahoma City, Roof Repair

“Spring showers bring May flowers” is a section of a poem that originally appeared back in 1157 written by Thomes Tusser. Nothing could be more true today! Those refreshing spring showers of April enhance and brighten the flowers we love in May. 

However, the showers of Spring can bring complications as well. For example, according to oklahoma.gov, on average thunderstorms occur about 55 days a year in eastern Oklahoma and nearly 60 days in the extreme western panhandle. Late spring and early summer are the peak seasons for thunderstorms. 

What steps should a homeowner take when springtime storms damage a roof in Oklahoma? Here are some things to consider before the storms hit. 

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Access the Damage

When the storm has passed, and it is safe to go outside, inspect the damage. Take several pictures, and videos if possible. Look for missing shingles, broken shingles, damaged gutter systems, and other visible signs of damage from the storm. Be careful as you make your way through any rubble, you certainly don’t want to have an injury. If you have concerns about climbing on the roof, please take caution and call a professional for assistance. 

Contact Your Local Roofing Contractor

As soon as it is possible, contact a trusted roofing contractor to help assess the damage and secure the proper steps for complete restoration. Tusk Roofing in Oklahoma City will be at your side. We are a family-owned roofing company that was built to serve the needs of our clients. We strive to attain a higher level of satisfaction than any other company in the roofing industry. Tusk Roofing believes in customers first and roofing second. We follow through on our word and give homeowners the final results in beautiful roofs they deserve. You won’t find another company in the area more dedicated to you and your home, than Tusk Roofing. 

When you contact us, we will come out and inspect the damage done to your roof, whether it was damage from a small storm or a major event. We will help restore the areas and bring the comfort and protection of a quality roof back to its intended purpose. 

Contact Your Insurance Agent

It is best to contact the agent you work with rather than a random person on the 800 lines. Your agent knows you, knows your policy, and knows the situation. Your agent can guide you through the steps that need to be taken regarding insurance. Your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover:

  • Weather damage such as hail, fire, wind, etc
  • Accidental events such as water pipe breaks
  • Non-weather events such as theft, vandalism, etc. 

Typically, wear and tear on a roof is not covered. Always stay up to date with your routine maintenance to ensure long-lasting life for your roof. 

Get Repairs Done Quickly

Trusted roof repair company, Oklahoma City

Once you understand the damage which has occurred, be sure to have the roof repairs done before more complications can happen. Moisture penetration can create mold and mildew which is unhealthy for your family. Be sure to repair before health or safety concerns are involved. 

Keep the number for Tusk Roofing in Oklahoma City close. If springtime roof damages do occur, you will want to address the situation quickly. We are here to help in any way possible to restore your roof and help protect your family. 

Enjoying those May flowers is right around the corner.