What Happens If A Storm Hits Your Area?

Sep 3, 2021Blog

What Happens If A Storm Hits Your Area?

If a major storm affects your area, it can wreak havoc on your property, including your roof.

It’s critical not to disregard your roof after a storm has passed since there are numerous significant issues that can result after it has been exposed to inclement weather.


Hail happens when cold air and drops of water in the climate meet, making little chunks of ice structure and hit the ground. With regards to your roof, hail is one of the most widely recognized reasons for serious damage.

The extent of hail damage to your roof can incorporate things like free or broken shingles. The effect of substantial hail can make the shingles become ousted or released, or it might even reason them to sever totally.

When a shingle comes free, it harms the seal between the shingle and the roof. When that seal is broken, water can undoubtedly spill into your home.

Harmed shingles are likewise a typical reason for form development and buildup. When the form of green growth enters your roof, it can undoubtedly invade your home, messing wellbeing up and different issues.

Try not to overlook roof damage after a hail storm. On the off chance that you do, you might encounter drafts, trouble keeping your home protected, shape development, or a spilling roof.

Check your drains after a hail storm and search for indications of free granules. The minuscule granules will develop in the drains, which is an obvious sign that something isn’t right and that harm has likely happened.

When the hail storm passes, you should contact a professional roofer to inspect your roof. They can evaluate the harm, make suggestions for repair, and give you a total report that you can provide for your home insurance agency on the off chance that you need to document a case.


Storm damage to your roof can go from gentle to extreme, which regularly relies upon the force and span of the damage. Your roof is the home’s first line of guard against the components, and that is the reason any type of harm ought to never go overlooked.

You probably won’t notice that your roof is damaged by hail until years some other time when it begins to leak. To keep this from occurring, it’s ideal to contact a local roofer to inspect your roof immediately so they can find any kind of damage and make repairs before it is too late.

At the point when hail hits the shingles on your roof, it can knock off a portion of the granules. When these granules vanish, your roof is formally presented to things like dampness, snow, and direct daylight.

In the event that a roof is presented to the sun without assurance, those uncovered spots will become frail and weak. This outcome in potential releases can torment you for quite a long time in case they’re not fixed at the earliest opportunity.

A roof hole can cause a bunch of issues including harm to your roof and dividers. It can likewise cause electrical issues and may even represent the danger of a potential house fire.


Most homeowners insurance will cover a few or the entirety of the expense to fix a roof after a storm. Notwithstanding, in the event that you see roof damage and disregard it, the strategy probably won’t cover any more serious harm later on.

As a homeowner, it is your obligation to keep up with your roof and to make any fixes or record a case when you see the harm. Neglecting to resolve the issues as they happen could make your next guarantee be denied.

On the off chance that you delay until your roof breakdowns or until the holes are uncontrollable, you could wind up stuck taking care of the maintenance bill. This is the reason many significant protection transporters have a period limit with regards to recording a case. It’s ideal to contact your insurance agency immediately once you affirm there is storm damage to your roof.

Each kind of storm and each season makes differing degrees and sorts of roof damage. A professional roof inspector will actually want to tell whether the roof harm is new, or then again on the off chance that it occurred during a prior season or a past storm.

Try not to hold on to call the experts on the off chance that you figure your roof might have hail damage. The sooner you can contact somebody to affirm the issue, the more prominent the chances are that your protection guarantee will be endorsed.

Another motivation not to disregard roof damage is that once it begins, things can “snowball” rapidly. Something as minor as possible effectively lead to genuine releases and other serious issues quickly.


Regardless of whether it’s hail or a significant wind storm, you ought to never overlook roof damage, regardless of whether you believe it’s minor. The sooner you can affirm that there is damage, the sooner you can make the essential fixes to ensure your property and your wallet.

Contact the best roofing company close to you to assess the damage and to assist you with preparing a case so your home can be fully covered by insurance.

In the event that you figure you might have hail damage to your roof, get in touch with TUSK Roofing today to plan a FREE inspection so we can investigate and make the fixes you need.